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Raceboard British Champion: 2014 and 2015

Raceboard World Championships: 3rd 2013, 4th 2015

Louis Morris

And just for the fun of it!

Image: Siblyback Lake, Cornwall. By Ross Morris



My self...

I am: 23 years old
My favorite windsurfing disciplines are: Course Racing, Waves
My Favorite boards are: Starboard Phantom 377, Starboard Kode 77
And my Favorite sails: Severne Raceboard 9.5, Severne Blade 4.2
My favorite places to windsurf are: Portland Harbour or Pwllheli for racing, Gwithian for waves
I've been windsurfing since: 2003
I live in: Bristol
But home is: East Cornwall

When I'm not windsurfing, I like to: play music, listen to music, walk or cycle somewhere beautiful
And my job is: Postgraduate Chemist at University of Bath, Windsurfing Coach



Windsurfing is a cross between surfing and sailing. You can race, jump, ride waves, spin through crazy tricks, or just blast around.

Raceboard is a class of racing board designed for optimum efficiency in all wind strengths, around a course including legs towards, across, and away from the wind.

To find out more about raceboard windsurfing, follow this link:

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Image: Bigbury on Sea, Devon. By Simon Burgess

Results and goals

Past results, future goals

When I was younger, I always felt like I was playing catch up. I got frustrated and angry with myself when I made mistakes or lost focus. I never stood on a national event podium until 2012. Yet, my enjoyment on the water in freesailing, and my strong motivation to continually improve my windsurfing meant that I couldn't stop. I gained experience, became more focussed, and started to do well.


Raceboard European Championships: 5th

Tiree Wave Classic Amateur Champion

Raceboard British Inland Champion


Raceboard World Championships: 4th

British Raceboard Champion

SWA Wave Champion

SWA Freestyle Champion

British Raceboard Champion
British Raceboard Inland Champion


Raceboard World Championships: 3rd
SWA Race Champion

15 national raceboard event wins out of 18 events attended


RYA Youth RSX National Championships: 6th


At the moment, I have two main goals in windsurfing:

1. To become Raceboard World Champion

2. To live a life where I can regularly enjoy windsurfing, and experience amazing wavesailing conditions.

Techno 293, Louis Morris

Techno class worlds. Weymouth, 2009.

By Paul Wyeth

UKWA Cup 2012.

By Dave White

Image: 2015 Raceboard Worlds, Gdansk, Poland. By Robert Hajduk.



Windsurf racing is hard. It requires excellent technique, fitness, ability to tune equipment, tactics, mental focus, and endurance. But I love this, and enjoy communicating my knowledge to others through coaching.


It makes me very happy to see others enjoy and progress in windsurfing. I have extensive coaching experience. First, with Team-15 coaching whilst working as an employee for Southwest Lakes Trust and the Polkerris Beach company, from which several young windsurfers have gone onto enjoy racing with success nationally and internationally. Since then I have provided private coaching to the Cornish competitors of the Techno 293 class, and the RYA Cymru-Wales South and West regional Techno squad.


If you would like me to coach for you, please get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page.

Techno class coaching. Cornwall.

Image: 2013 Raceboard Worlds, Nove Mlyny, Czech Republic. By Martin Hales.



I am lucky enough to be supported by Tushingham Ltd. With their support, I am able to race on the best all-round raceboard equipment available: the Starboard Phantom 377, and Severne Raceboard 9.5.


As a full time student, it is particularly difficult for me to fund my windsurfing competitions, and several times in the past, I have been unable to attend events due to lack of money. Sponsoring a windsurfer such as myself is an opportunity for exposure to an international audience. Your logo on my sails. Your products from the local beach, to national and international championships. Your name promoted through social media and extreme sports media. In particular, this year I am looking for sponsors to help me attend the 2017 Raceboard World or European Championships and the Tiree Wave Classic, I cannot afford to attend both.


If you have any questions, or think that we have something to offer one another, please contact me.

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Image: 2015 Raceboard Worlds, Gdansk, Poland. By Robert Hajduk.

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